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How to travel by train with a cat?

Sac a dos transport chat

How to reduce your cat's stress during a train journey?

You have to leave by train with your cat soon and you are apprehensive about the journey Indeed, it is already complicated to take him to the vet so you don't even dare to imagine a train journey.
With all this noise and these new smells, you are afraid that the trip will be bad for your hairball. And while some cats won't be bothered at all by this change in environment, others might be terrified by what's happening to them. But don't panic, the more you anticipate the trip, the more you can reduce your cat's stress.
I prefer to be honest with you, I have never had the opportunity to take the train with Racùn but I have often wondered what precautions I would take beforehand so that the trip goes as well as possible for my cat. So, I'll try to answer the questions I asked myself and maybe you ask yourself too.
I would say that the secret to a successful train trip with your cat is anticipation. Apart from thinking about taking his health record and any medication, the most important thing is to help him accept his means of transport so that your cat does not feel like a lion in a cage on D-Day. You also have to think about how he will be able to relieve himself during the journey. And finally, if you are afraid that your cat will be stressed and or sick during the trip, I advise you to speak to your veterinarian beforehand.



What transport accessories to travel by train with your cat?

When we take the train, we are often encumbered with many bags and suitcases. And if we add a cat transport box, the journey may be exhausting. thecat carrier backpackremains the best way to transport your cat by train. It allows you to have your hands free to buy a magazine before departure, type on your mobile phone or even shake hands with your child. The cat backpack is also a great way to avoid back pain. In the case of the backpackcat trotter, you also have the possibility of using it for yourself once you arrive at your destination since it is dual-use.

In any case, in addition to his subcutaneous identification chip or his tattoo in the ear, you will have to enter your telephone number on the bag as well as on your cat's collar or harness. And then for even more security, you can add a GPS that will tell you in real time where your hairball is if it should escape from its means of transport. For my part, I tend to put 2 harnesses on Racùn: the first where I attach his medal and his GPS and the second which comes to position on the first where I hang his leash. Me stressed No not at all... You can also clip the GPS and/or the medal to his collar and add a harness over it, that works too. Thus, if he manages to remove his harness, he will always be (geo)locatable thanks to his collar or his second harness. Not silly, no There are also connected tags so that the person who finds your cat can access your contact details using their smartphone.e.

But don't worry, if you leave your cat in itscat trotter, there will be zero risk of it escaping thanks to its integrated carabiner and its flap which presses against the opening.


My cat is stressed during a train journey, what should I do??

First of all, to reassure your little feline in the face of this unknown environment for him, you can simply talk to him. Hearing a familiar voice can reassure him. But be careful, if when talking to him he meows even more, this may not be the right solution for him to calm down on his own.

It's also best to put the cat backpack on your lap or by your side where he can see you. The enveloping shape ofcat trotter is perfect for nervous cats who will feel like in an intimate cocoon, hidden in plain sight. They will then feel better protected against external aggressions compared to a cat transport box.

Thus, choosing a backpack rather than a transport cage can be the beginning of a solution to reduce your cat's stress during a train trip. However, your cat must first be acclimatized to itsbag before leaving. You can do this by scattering their favorite treats around the cat bag. As soon as he is no longer afraid to eat them, you can slip them inside the bag. Thus, he will consider his backpack as a safe place. The objective is to offer a positive experience to your hairy one so that once the D-day, he does not have any stress at the idea of getting into his travel bag.

Also, don't force your cat to go head first into itsbagtransport to prevent it from stressing and spreading its legs. It is rather recommended to take your cat in your arms and put it in its bag the rear axle first. And if your cat really brakes with 4 irons, you can throw a treat in the bag so that it goes in there on its own.

Another little trick to reduce the stress of the cat during a trip is to sprayFeliway one hour before departure, on and in its bag (the duration of action is 4 to 5 hours). Indeed, this pheromone-based product is ideal for soothing the cat.

And if you ever fear that these solutions are not sufficient, you can talk to your veterinarian who can prescribe a tranquilizer for your little feline for the trip.


Should the cat be taken out of its backpack during the train journey?

On this subject, there are two schools. Some will tell you that you absolutely must not let your cat go outside thebag during a train journey. This could indeed increase his stress and could be the cause of a runaway. Others will tell you that you can absolutely take your cat on your lap if it is well-behaved, attached on a leash and that it does not disturb your neighbors. Indeed, some people may be allergic to cat hair or, although it may seem incomprehensible to us cat lovers, they may not like cats, be bothered by their presence or be afraid of them. In any case, the SNCF does not give any contraindication to taking your cat out of its means of transport. On the other hand, it recommends the agreement of other travelers.

In fact, everything will depend on your cat. You know him best. the backpack maybe for your cat an object that will reassure him and he will not want to leave it just as he may want to explore his new living space.


Manage the cat's needs during the train ride.

Your cat may want to relieve itself during the train ride. And to know the warning signs of a pressing desire, I recommend that you read my previous article on how to know if my cat wants to relieve itself during a car trip? ».

Although most cats hold back for an entire train ride, it's not uncommon for your cat to want to relieve itself. And to deal with this situation, two solutions are then available to you.

You can completely let him do his business in his cat carrier backpack. In this case, slip in your cat bag severalmattress pads, towels, new mops, or even sheets of newspaper (it's not the most comfortable for your cat, I admit). When your cat has done its business, you will simply have to remove the soiled cloth or paper and store it in a plastic bag.

Another tip I could give you is to take some wipes that could be useful in case of splashes against the walls of the bag.

Well we agree, this is not the most pleasant solution. For my part, I think that I would rather go for the second option which would be to offer my cat atravel litter. There are light and foldable ones that when folded are no bigger than a wallet. In this case, it will be necessary to think of taking a little litter. Besides, I strongly advise you to offer your cat to relieve itself in the toilets of the train. First of all because it is a quiet place, then because the travelers will not be disturbed by the smells and finally because you can directly use the toilets of the train to throw your cat's droppings there.

Also, I advise you to regularly offer food and drink (unless he is sick) to your cat. There are2-in-1 water bottles which allow you to offer water and kibble in a single container. Some even have poop bags.


My cat is sick in the process, what should I do??

If your cat is sick while traveling by train, I advise you not to feed it a few hours before departure, or even the day before. In addition, it may be wise to go see your veterinarian who will then prescribe your furry friend a medication adapted to the situation. And if you don't know if your cat is sick, I would be in favor of a preventive visit. It is better to plan the medicine and not have to use it than the other way around.


How to make sure your cat's meows don't bother other passengers on the train?

Racùn having never taken the train, I have never been confronted with this situation. On the other hand, I was able to travel by car with him on many occasions and I noticed that the less I asked him, the more his meows were rare. In any case, don't be embarrassed by other travelers if your cat meows. Moreover, most will even be moved to travel alongside your furry friend and their trip will be all the better for it.



I hope these little tips will be useful for the train trip with your cat and that everything will go well for you both.

Well crunchy,




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