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Don't be afraid to carry your cat anymore

Cat-Trotter offers you the best carrier bags for cats.

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Cat Carrier Backpack • Cat-Trotter ®

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💯 Premium quality
🔒 Zero risk of leakage
🎒​ Large volume
(27 cm deep)
😺😊 Comfortable for your cat and for you

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Important: Our backpack has been designed to support all sizes of cats, from kittens to the largest cats. Therefore, you can completely transport your cat over 6kg in your Cat-Trotter. However, given its large size, be aware that transporting your cat may be less comfortable for it.

Technical details

- Recommended weight of the cat: up to 6 kg

- Colors: navy blue or mint green

- Dimensions: closed gusset (human version): 31x45x15cm, open gusset (cat version): 31x45x27cm

- Volume : closed bellows (human version): 25L, open bellows (cat version): 30L

- Composition : 70% polyester, 30% polyurethane

- Outer pockets: 1 padded compartment for a 15-inch computer, 1 kangaroo pocket, 2 side pockets for 50 cl water bottles

- Inside pockets: 4 pockets including 1 with zipper

- Accessories : 1 interior carabiner, 2 removable, padded bag bottoms of different sizes (depending on whether the gusset is open or closed)

- Lining color: Grey

Benefits for your cat

- Wide opening to easily fit your cat inside the bag

- Secure closure thanks to a cord with a cord stopper. In addition, a flap to fold back on itself avoids any risk of your cat escaping.

- Carabiner with 36cm strap inside the bag

- Large windows with fine and resistant mesh on the side and front of the bag. Optimal ventilation and 180 visibility°

- PVC reinforcement to prevent your cat from being flattened.

- Rain resistant materials to keep your cat dry

- Padded bag bottom for the comfort of your cat

- Lots of storage including 1 kangaroo pocket to store your cat's health book, leash or treats

- Resistant lining with cat's claws. Textile usually intended for outdoor activities.

Benefits for you

- Backpack style and functional

- Practice to transport your cat while keeping your hands free

- Converts easily from the "cat" version to the "human" version to be able to use it in your daily life. And vice versa.

- Comfortable thanks to the padded and antiperspirant shoulder straps and back.

- Good load distribution thanks to its adjustable straps to relieve your shoulders

- Rain resistant materials so that your personal belongings always stay dry

- Functional thanks to its numerous storage spaces. In addition to a 15-inch computer, the Cat-Trotter backpack has 2 pockets for 50 cl water bottles, 4 inside pockets, 1 of which is secured with a zipper.

- Easy maintenance thanks to the 2 detachable bag bottoms


The Cat-Trotter Backpack is not machine washable. The interior lining and exterior fabrics are easy to clean by hand (or paw!) with a damp cloth.

If a stain is stubborn, you can dampen your cloth with soapy water.

Do not use a clothes dryer which could damage your backpack, but let it air dry.

For easy maintenance, the Cat-Trotter backpack has 2 removable and waterproof bottoms.

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Your payment information is handled securely. We do not store or have your credit card details.

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Order preparation time up to 2 working dayss

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Cat Carrier Backpack • Cat-Trotter ®


Say goodbye to the cat transport cage!

“Spring 2020:I adopt my cat Racùn and I have to take him to the vet for minor health concerns. I then take my good old transport cage out of the closet to transport it. What an idea I had!

It took me half an hour to get my little feline into its transport crate, then it meowed for the whole trip and finally I had back pain for 3 days from having to carry the cage at arm's length . And to top it off, I was very afraid that he would run away when I opened the door of the transport box. What anguish!

I'm sure you've been in this kind of situation before, right? »

Nina, founder of Cat-Trotter.

sac pour chat Cat-Trotter

Travel easily and safely with your cat

You have a cat and you want to transport it safely to go to the veterinary ,travel by car or in train with him or for a walk?

Say goodbye to the good old transport cage that your cat hates, which gives you back pain and which is not at all secure. Our Cat-Trotter cat backpack has been designed to make it easier for you to travel with your pet.

No more stress, there's Cat-Trotter!

Don't worry about your cat getting stressed out when you're on the go. Thanks to a wide opening and large ventilation windows on the front and side of our cat carrier backpack, your feline will feel like in a cocoon and it will be easy to put in .

Don't be afraid to give yourself a stiff neck strength to support all the weight of your cat on one arm. Our cat backpack features suspenders and a padded and antiperspirant back.

Finally, there will be no more no risk of running away thanks to an integrated carabiner, a closure that tightens with a cord stopper and a flap rolled up on itself that comes flat against the opening.

sac a dos chat double usage voyager avec son chat


The Cat-Trotter is dual-purpose, meaning you can also use it in your daily life or when travelling. Impossible then to know that it is the transport bag of your cat!

Google customer stories

Delighted with my purchase!

"I am delighted with my Cat-Trotter and my cat Sami even more (that is to say!)! Very comfortable to wear, very practical both for transporting my cat and for me thanks to its numerous storage spaces. Very good quality , well thought out and pretty, I can only recommend it!

Cheer !."

— Juliet

Comfortable and Large volume!

"A bag so practical to carry my cat and which is just as practical in human mode on a daily basis!!

A large capacity inside and super comfortable for the back (I often use it on a bike)."

— arthur

My cats love it!

"I'm so happy, I was looking forward to this backpack and I'm not disappointed. It's beautiful, super well thought out by its designer and the quality is really top! My cats adopted it right away (even the one who normally has a panic fear of carrying bags...).

My husband, who was looking for a bag to carry his belongings and his computer during his business trips, is also happy.."

— Natalie

No Christmas gift idea for your cat?

Sandrine Arciser , columnist in the TV show " William at Noon " and host in the TV show " The Animals of the 8 " has selected the Cat-Trotter in his list to Santa Claus.

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