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What gift to give your cat for the Christmas holidays?

Quel cadeau offrir à son chat pour les fêtes de Noël ?

You want to give your cat a gift for Christmas, but you don't know which one to choose? I offer you ideas that combine business with pleasure. Find out what gifts you could give your cat to show your affection..

The carrying bag: a practical and comfortable accessory

You're a cat lover Looking for a gift idea for Christmas cat carrier bagis one of the best gifts you can give your furry friend. From now on, he will benefit from optimal comfort during visits to the vet, hikes and long trips.

For your cat to be the most comfortable in its pet carrier bag , choose the quality one. So, make sure that the cat backpack has inside a safety carabiner, storage spaces to store your food, water or even your health record. Also make sure that the bag for cat be large enough for your cat to feel comfortable in it. I advise you to leave on a minimum depth of 25 cm.

Take your furball wherever you go with a cat bag tailor-made for him. Participate in its development by helping it to change air. Walk him while keeping him safe near you. Thus, by opting for a animal backpack , you protect it better.


Christmas toys: an original gift idea

The game is the favorite pastime of cats. They roll into a ball, scratch or jump to exert themselves. If you want to occupy your kitty during the Christmas holidays, offer him a toy. Thus, it will not destroy your garlands and balls hung on the tree. Divert his attention so that he leaves your decorations alone.


Give her catnip toys

To save the balls of your Christmas tree from vandalism by your cat, offer the latter toys made of valerian or mint (catnip). These two plants loved by cats have the main advantage of encouraging them to have fun by causing "speed bursts". Their sweet scent makes them euphoric, which motivates them to play more with the toys they are soaked with. Play cushions, plush mouse, unicorn filled with valerian roots, bring happiness to your cat through a captivating toy!!

In addition to having exciting and euphoric virtues, valerian and catnip will also allow your cat to relax which can be a great way to soothe your cat before a visit to the vet or a long trip. You can then very well dispose of the catnip in its transport bag for cats before leaving.


The laser: a safe bet

It is well known, the laser is THE favorite game of the cat. Some will play it for a few minutes while others will play it for hours without getting bored. It all depends on each cat. In any case, as soon as your cat is awake and active, do not hesitate to offer him playtime several times a day for his greatest happiness. Some lasers are even automatic. And so that your furry friend doesn't feel frustrated that he can't catch the red light beam, I recommend giving him treats after or during the game.


Treats for cats: treat your little feline's taste buds

Delight your little glutton at Christmas by serving him a meal that is out of the ordinary. Prepare him a good little homemade dish, to revive his feline taste buds. Of course, you will have to take into account the advice of the veterinarian, to avoid making him sick.

And if you don't have time to simmer a homemade meal, offer him treats. You will find several tasty snacks dedicated to cats. Choose the flavor and variety (cupcakes, sticks) that best suits your cat's preferences, and offer him a chef's meal..

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