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Comment voyager en train avec son chat ?

How to reduce the stress of your cat during a train trip?

You have to leave by train with your cat soon and you are apprehensive about the journey Indeed, it is already complicated to take him to the vet so you don't even dare to imagine a train journey.

With all this noise and these new smells, you are afraid that the trip will be bad for your hairball. And while some cats won't be bothered at all by this change in environment, others might be terrified by what's happening to them. But don't panic, the more you anticipate the trip, the more you can reduce your cat's stress.

I prefer to be honest with you, I have never had the opportunity to take the train with Racùn but I have often wondered what precautions I would take beforehand so that the trip goes as well as possible for my cat. So, I'll try to answer the questions I asked myself and maybe you ask yourself too.

I would say that the secret to a successful train trip with your cat is anticipation. Apart from thinking about taking his health record and any medication, the most important thing is to help him accept his means of transport so that your cat does not feel like a lion in a cage on D-Day. You also have to think about how he will be able to relieve himself during the journey. And finally, if you are afraid that your cat will be stressed and or sick during the trip, I advise you to speak to your veterinarian beforehand.

How do I know if my cat wants to relieve itself during a car trip?


When you travel with your cat in the car, you ask yourself a thousand and one questions, one of which is particularly worrying: how do I know if my cat wants to urinate or do the big errand. And yes, because it is not uncommon to see anxious cats unable to restrain themselves. But how to perceive the signs Don't panic, I'll give you some little tips for spotting the warning signs that your cat can no longer contain itself..


First of all, for anxious cats, don't hesitate to talk to your veterinarian who will give you the best advice to reduce your animal's stress and the risk of a pee/poo accident.

During the journey, pay attention to the behavior of your cat. The first sign that can put you in the ear is meowing. It will be necessary to distinguish the meows due to the stress of the trip from those due to the desire to defecate.

If it's about long, harsh, repeated meows then your cat is most certainly warning you that he wants to do his business. It will also be much more speed » than usual, trying to scratch and of to move in all directions. It will then be time to make a technical stop.

Litter in the car or outside?

During the break, if your cat is used to being kept on a leash, you can offer him his litter box which you will put next to the car. If your cat is not used to walking on a leash and/or is anxious by nature, then I recommend that you present his litter box directly to him in the car. I also recommend a litter box with a roof and a door. In the first case, your cat will be less disturbed by the outside environment to do its business and in the second case, it will save you, at the end of the trip, from having to vacuum to suck up all the small grains of litter scattered all over the back seat ^^'.

Present him his litter at each break

At each break, at least every 2 hours, offer him his litter box. It certainly won't do every time, but it can prevent it from being forgotten along the way.

Where to store litter?

We are not going to lie to each other, it is still more pleasant to drive without having an odor in the passenger compartment of the car. I therefore advise you to put your cat's toilet in the trunk of the car during the journey and to take it out only during breaks. If your cat has relieved itself, I advise you to clean the litter box and then put it away in a plastic bag that you will put in the trunk. Important: don't forget the shovel, which can be very useful!

What if my cat shows me no signs?

For some cats, no warning sign can put you in the ear. In this case, I recommend that you place under it alarge disposable underpad or a terry towel that you will have no regrets parting with if it ever gets soiled.


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